Here are some of our thoughts about Innovation Day:

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"Innovation day has helped me to see that if I believe, I can succeed." -Kearston

"Innovation Day makes your mind explode with ideas!" -Kayla

"Innovation Day is very interesting from the start and then becomes more interesting and fun because of the other classmates' projects; you get to see and learn from them." -Enoch

"When you get to do something like this, you do NOT want to miss the chance." -Victoria

"I think Innovation Day is important because it can help students, teachers, and parents learn and see what others are interested in. " -Lindsey
"What I learned about Innovation Day is you can't play around all day. You have to be responsible and do your work. I like this because we (the students) got to pick a project of our own. We all picked creative projects." -George
"Innovation Day is a day that lets you learn and share something new." - Brandon
"Our principal came and looked at our Innovation Day project, and she was proud of what we did. Our class had some impressive projects. " - Kevin


"I think it was a wonderful experience for any class because in school sometimes we don't get to learn about what interest us. There were many amazing and fascinating projects. " - Lauren

"From Innovation day I learned that you can make whatever you put your mind to. " -Zoe

"I like Innovation Day the most because it makes you feel free." -Destiny
"Innovation Day is a good for learning life skills." -Tanrence