We read Mistakes That Worked By Charlotte Foltz Jones to learn about many different innovators that impacted our daily lives. Here are some reviews that we wrote about this interesting book:

"Mistakes That Worked, an astonishing book on ordinary essentials that were a blunder." -LOH
"I adore this publication of small blunders that have turned into our planet's favorite things." -Camryn

"Mistakes That Worked is and undeniably interesting book with funny illustrations and stories. Learn how popular items like Coca-Cola, potato chips, and chocolate chips cookies came into our lives today because people thought outside the box. Each page is an exciting adventure." -Kayla

"Mistakes That Worked is a fascinating and contemplating story about how interesting mistakes can be. It's a page turner for readers dying to learn about items used every day." -Trip

" Mistakes That Worked, a splendid book that keeps you wanting more." - Lauren

"Some things in life are your objectives; some are miscues; in this paperback, you will fins some of Earth's treasures are bluders. " - CNM

"Mistakes That Worked is an addicting book with all the items we usually use today. Edible and usable items are sometimes mistakes." - Kevin

"Do you sometimes wonder how people thought of making the frisbee? Do you even think about how people made potato chips? If you do, then Mistakes That Worked is a book for you." -Enoch

"Go to Blunderland and find a world of errors hidden behind packages or covers. You'll be flabbergasted at how long you'll stay in the book." - Nicole

"Mistakes That Worked in its valuable informational, words. Bright and clever is its history of mistakes that turned out to be innovations we all use in our lives today." -Kearston

"You should read Mistakes That Worked because of how much you can learn. It has interesting mistakes that people have made." -The Book Fanatic

"Mistakes That Worked is an informational and factual book about the things that we love and use today that were mistakes." -Lindsey

"Mistakes That Worked is a clever concordance that is very detailed." -Zoe

"Mistakes That Worked is a fantastic and mysterious book." Brandon

"Mistakes That Worked is a book filled with many innovators." -Kayla